Loneliness in the crowd 4

Art poster "Loneliness in the crowd 4"
This item is print on a poster 40x50 cm of my digital artwork.
Made by Leah Larisa Bunshaft (#DIZLARKA)
You can buy a poster on paper or print on canvas of this art in other size. Please contact me for that.

About this artwork:
This project of surreal portraits is made by means of digital graphics and painting based on my original physical painting "Our All-Seeing World". In these works we see images of people that are assembled into a single gestalt of different other people's eyes (views, opinions). In today's world, we are constantly in and exposed to other people's gaze.
In many of us it causes a reference to the state of obsession and we want to seem better than we are, live a "beautiful" life that others like but do not satisfy us. But despite the increasing intervention from outside we feel more and more lonely, lost and insignificant in this changing world.

Please read:
- Painting colors on your screen may differ slightly from actual colors
- Paintings look more beautiful in reality than in the photo
- Frame is not included
- 100% original handmade. No two items are exactly alike.

- If you have any questions or want to order the personalization of this item, then write to me. I will be happy to answer! If you want me to paint a similar picture, but in different colors for you, write to me and I will do it for you personally.

If you have any questions, please contact to me!