Our All-Seeing World

The painting was sold. You can buy a poster with this image.
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The high quality of canvas and paints is guaranteed. The canvas is stretched onto a wooden stretcher frame and is ready to hang on the wall. The surface of the painting is covered with a protective varnish. The size of the painting is 39 x 39 inches | 100 x 100 centimeters. The painting is one-of-a-kind, hand-signed on the front and backside of the canvas.
Video https://youtu.be/HF6gicgCesg

About the idea
This is a meter-to-meter large oil painting on canvas that impresses every viewer. It is always celebrated at exhibitions. It can surprise or frighten someone, it can amaze or make one think about anything. The painting is about us and our modern society. It's about our connections together by a single Internet network. It demonstrates that we are all in full view of each other on social media and so available for communication.

But with all the diversity and opportunities in communication today, the majority of people feel lonely. The artist emphasized this idea in the painting with a huge monolithic wall of eyes, in which there are no paired eyes. Each eye is one and lonely. The other layer of the meaning is about nowadays communities. Groups and collaboration are very popular. They make people feel less alone, more influential, and more important. They are endowed with common ideas, united by common goals. This is emphasized by the group of large eyes in the center of the painting. It's like a community within a community.

Another feature of our time is people's belief in conspiracies against them. These conspiracies, upon closer inspection, do not hold water. But people are so scared that they even believe in such things. As a symbol of a mysterious conspiracy in this painting, there is an allusion to the famous society of Freemasons. For this reason, large eyes form a triangle shape with a large eye in the center. These eyes are mostly blue to emphasize some conspiracy idea even more. And the largest and central eye is green and a religious building is reflected in it. This symbol tells about the worldwide fascination with the topic of ecology, which has practically become our new world religion. Everyone strives to become "green" and more often than not, it is beneficial.

Please read:
- Painting colors on your screen may differ slightly from actual colors
- Paintings look more beautiful in reality than in the photo
- Frame is not included

Made by Leah Larisa Bunshaft (#DIZLARKA)

If you have any questions, please contact to me!