Personal borders

Painting "Personal borders"
The high quality of canvas and paints is guaranteed. The canvas is stretched onto a wooden stretcher frame and is ready to hang on the wall. The surface of the painting is covered with a protective varnish. The size of the painting is 12 x 12 inches| 30 x 30 centimeters. 3D art (the frame is 5 cm). The painting is one-of-a- kind, hand-signed on the front and backside of the canvas.

About the idea
In the art, we see two maps: personal and social. A person's map is presented in the form of a hand. To make the hand more individual, it is created using a handprint and fingerprints. The palm itself is the map of fate that can tell a lot, palmists say. This personal map palm is woven into the world around it. The hand itself in the picture has blurred edges because it is difficult for a person to find his/ her restrictions, he/she outlines them with a certain dotted line, but cannot clearly state them.

As a social and global world around, the background acts, which consists of numerous squares, is reminiscent of a map of the area, if you look at it from the window of an airplane. The borders in the global map are also controversial. In our time, everything is questioned and rethought: the borders of morality, physical limitations, sexual and gender norms, and territories. Almost every country dreams of "reclaiming its territories." Only no one knows from what year to start this return, because many territories belonged to different countries at different times.

This painting tells about the difficulty of defining one's borders in a changing world.

Please read:
- Painting colors on your screen may differ slightly from actual colors
- Paintings look more beautiful in reality than in the photo
- Frame is not included

Made by Leah Larisa Bunshaft (#DIZLARKA)

If you have any questions, please contact to me!