Loneliness in the crowd 5

The artist's idea

This is a series of my digital art created on the basis of my real painting "Our All-Seeing World". All art are united by one idea. They are about our modern society, where each of us is part of something big and common, but at the same time alone and small in this world. It is about our connections together by a single Internet network. It demonstrates that we are all in full view of each other on social media and so available for communication.

But with all the diversity and opportunities in communication today, the majority of people feel lonely. I emphasized this idea in the painting with a huge monolithic wall of eyes, in which there are no paired eyes. Each eye is one and lonely. The other layer of the meaning is about nowadays communities. Groups and collaboration are very popular. They make people feel less alone, more influential, and more important. They are endowed with common ideas, united by common goals. This is emphasized by the group of large eyes in the center of the painting. It's like a community within a community.

This art will be printed on paper (poster format) and sent to you unframed and rolled.
Painting colors on your screen may differ slightly from actual colors.
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Made by Leah Larisa Bunshaft (#DIZLARKA)

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Colors vary depending on monitor, printer & stock choice. The picture looks much better in reality than in the photo =)

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