Colorful Personаs
Modern life is filled with information and advertising, oscillations of norms and pulsating bright colors. I believe that young people are not interested in art because they do not associate themselves with it. That said, they need art to develop emotional intelligence. This series of paintings was born as an idea to build a bridge between the media environment and art to engage their interest in art. I abolished meanings and put emphasis on color and beauty.
Different colored strokes of paint form portraits of the people in these paintings, like colored pieces of glass in a kaleidoscope form different pictures. The life events, experiences, and appearances of each of us also create a portrait of a person. It shows that we are all different, unique and beautiful.
Acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm
The East
Acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm
The Woman
Acrylic on canvas, 50x70 cm
Hot eye
Acrylic on canvas, 50x60 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 70x50 cm