Metime - Charity Project
These postcards were created for a charity project from "Fresh Paint", the largest annual art fair in Israel. The goal of the project is to sell the artists' work and help financially young talented students who want to devote themselves to art, but can't pay their tuition themselves. It is a mini series of surrealistic images on the enigmatic theme of feeling Time. If you think about it, it looks simply mystical: the same seconds, minutes, hours change their size in our brains depending on what we are doing at that time.
There are 4 states of time depicted within the project: waiting time, planning time, action time, and resting time. With bright psychedelic colors I wanted to draw more attention to these everyday states.
Pastel on cardbord, 10x15 cm
Pastel on cardbord, 10x15 cm
Pastel on cardbord, 10x15 cm
Time is now
Pastel on cardbord, 10x15 cm

About Artworks

Artwork "Pregnant"

In this evocative portrayal, we encounter a woman in the poignant throes of expectancy, her essence enveloped by the imminent arrival of new life. The canvas captures her profound connection to the burgeoning life within, an existence wholly defined by the anticipation of motherhood. Amidst the tranquil backdrop of an aquarium, where fish dance in a spectacle of affection, her introspection unveils a tender symbiosis between maternal yearning and the ethereal realm of dreams. Yet, amidst this reverie, time appears to metamorphose into a sluggish torrent, each moment elongated into an eternity of waiting. The sensation of ceaseless anticipation, akin to an arrow piercing the fabric of time itself, permeates her consciousness, heralding the impending transformation of her world.

Artwork "Equilibrium"

Behold the poignant tableau of a woman ensconced in the tumult of anticipation, her gaze fixed upon the nebulous horizon of expectation. What does she await? Perhaps the advent of new life, or the commencement of a voyage into the unknown realms of experience. Yet, the crux of this composition lies not in the object of her anticipation, but rather in the visceral experience of temporal suspension that defines her existence. Each passing moment becomes a crucible of existential angst, as the relentless march of time assumes an oppressive weight upon her consciousness. The passage of time becomes both a testament to human vulnerability and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. In this poignant portrayal, we are compelled to confront the immutable passage of time and find solace in the quietude of anticipation.

Artwork "Metime"

Within the tapestry of existence, this piece celebrates the exquisite pause wherein the frenetic pace of life yields to a sublime tranquility. It speaks to the transcendent moment when temporal constraints dissolve, and the present unfurls in its purest form, unencumbered by the weight of aspirations and obligations. Here, the essence of time undergoes a profound metamorphosis, as if bowing to the sanctity of the eternal now. The artwork beckons us to bask in the radiance of self-love and inner harmony, where the cacophony of ambition yields to the melody of the present moment.

Artwork "Time is now"

Embedded within the very fabric of existence is the ephemeral dance of time, an illusionary construct that eludes our grasp like grains of sand slipping through an open palm. This composition serves as a poignant reminder of the fallacy of temporal procrastination, urging us to seize the present moment with unwavering resolve. Here, I invokes a sense of urgency, imploring us to shatter the shackles of inertia and embrace the boundless potential of the now. In the symphony of existence, there exists no past nor future, only the eternal cadence of the present moment. Amidst the temporal flux, this piece serves as a clarion call to action, reminding us that the time for transformation is not tomorrow, nor yesterday, but now.