Time is Time
The "Time" series of works includes my reflections and retrospective on time. What is time in the local and total sense? How much time do we have? How do we live in the present moment? Why do we put life on hold? How does time flow when we are waiting for something? At different ages and in different situations, we perceive time differently. Our relationship with time is permanently oscillating. Sometimes we greatly value and treasure our time, and other times we waste it on nonsense. In this series, many of the works include a real clock with a running mechanism.
This series of works will be developed further. I am interested in examining the phenomenon of time from a scientific and philosophical perspective.

This series will be updated with new works. I still have unspoken thoughts about it.
Mix media (acrylic, canvas, concrete, silver foil) on canvas, 30x30 cm
Broken time
Mix media (oil, canvas, concrete, collage, metal) on canvas, 30x30 cm
Mix media (concrete, oil, plastic, textured finish), assemblage, 50x50 cm
Who's Next
Mix media (concrete, oil, plastic, textured finish), assemblage, 28x28 cm
Mix media (oil, gold foil, canvas, clock) on canvas, 50x60 cm
Stop the dance
Mix media (oil, plastic, canvas, clocks, metal) on canvas, 30x30 cm

About Artworks

Artwork "Equilibrium"

This artwork is a painting of a clock that keeps going forward no matter what. There is a past and a future as two opposite poles (One has already passed and the other has yet to come) In the painting they are shown as two twins, consisting of crushed fragments of a non-existent reality. Time moves endlessly from past to future and we are in the middle. We are looking for a delicate balance between these two poles. (This is why I have placed the image of a man on a thin line, where he tries to maintain a balance). Sometimes we mentally go back to the past, sometimes we live in dreams of the future. But the one thing that is true here is that we are always in the present. No person can physically go to the past or the future in the real world. It is very important to be able to realize yourself in the present, to live and feel what is happening to you now, to see yourself in this moment. This is why I placed the images of the two eyes in the painting.

Artwork "Broken Time"

Time, time, time... How we sometimes miss it. How we want to have more hours in a day than 24 hours, to have more time. How we want to spend more time with our loved ones, to be longer with a moment of happiness, but we cannot manage the long minute, to stop time... However, we can lose time, miss time. We can waste time on grudges, on social media and useless arguments... Lost time can never become anything like an important experience or a beautiful memory, it just dies. Lost time is expressed in this artwork in the form of a broken concrete clock. Silhouettes of people try to put it back together again, to make new pathways and neural connections, but it is not easy to do. This artwork is part of a "Time" series of paintings with clocks.

Artwork "Indecision"

At the edge of the vast possibilities of the universe amidst the darkness of uncertainty, gaping like a black abyss, sits a lone figurative image inspired by Rodin's "The Thinker". He is immersed in the world of clockwork mechanisms, symbolizing the endless flow of time. Around - the noise of sounding plans, the informational chaos of the Internet and tantalizing dreams of an ideal life. But the man is in no hurry to turn these plans into reality, instead of action there is only immobility. The picture deeply reflects the modern problem of procrastination, when waiting becomes an eternity and potential is lost in the abyss of uncertainty.

Artwork "Who's Next?"

This art about war, here we see soldiers who are like toy figures in someone's game, lined up in an endless cycle of confrontation... This circle is like their common mother's womb, from which they have no way out, where they are bound by an umbilical cord of mutual violence and buried together under a layer of dust and fragments of military shells. Some of them are already ending their lives in a bloody puddle. Somebody is still alive. Perhaps he will be next? Maybe tomorrow the merciless hand of the clock will point to him too?In the center of the work we see the beginning of the man's life (in the form of sperm), and at the edges of the circle - the end of his life (in the form of the corpse of the soldier)... Death in War ... In the 21st century...

Artwork "Expectations"

This symbolic painting is filled in with both literal and metaphorical meanings. Time passes very quickly, but when we are waiting for something, it practically stands still. Expecting an event can be unbearably tiring, or it can be enjoyable. It all depends on the circumstances. And everyone can remember something similar. The girl depicted in the painting is possibly expecting a child, or perhaps some other event. She gently hugs the clock, a symbol of time, like the belly of a pregnant woman. This expectation reveals all her inner feelings, doubts, fears, and hopes associated with this event. Time drags on for an impossibly long period, so long that it seems to her that she has already grown old from this expectation. In the painting, the artist indicates this with the gray hair of a young girl. Despite the long wait, the girl smiles and hopes for the best.

Artwork "Stop the Dance"

How often do we see someone bright, interesting and brilliant online? How much do we admire them or envy them without thinking about what's behind that success. The endless cycle of self-improvement necessarily leads to success. But how many mistakes, failures, losses, disappointments, fatigue and bloody feet there have been on this path, only those who have traveled this path know. This is a mixed media painting of a clock. In the painting we see a beautiful dancing ballerina. But afterwards we notice behind her in the background a very different image in the style of tired after rehearsal ballerinas by artist Edgar Degas. This image is the price of success.